Travel Medicine

Travel Medicine

Planning a dream vacation to a tropical paradise, visiting family overseas, going on a Safari or mission trip to Central America? Whatever your travel plans may be, Turnure Medical Group in Rocklin, CA is here to help. Dr. Darilyn Falck is an ER doctor with extra certification in Travel and Tropical Medicine.

With international travel comes the possibility of exposure to exotic diseases, parasites, and other conditions. Before you travel, our goal is to prepare you with knowledge, appropriate immunizations and prophylactic medications to protect against diseases and conditions you may encounter on your trip.

Dr. Falck will spend approximately 30 minutes in consultation with you to discuss your specific travel plans, tailor her recommendations and advice to meet your needs, and answer any questions you may have. She will review your pertinent medical history and immunization history with you. Her goal is to educate you with the knowledge, medications, and immunizations you need so you can stay safe and healthy both during and after your trip.

We suggest you schedule an appointment as soon as you know you will be traveling since many vaccines need to be given weeks before you travel and some are done in a series months ahead. This will give you ample time to prepare so that you have maximum benefit and protection from the vaccines.

We also ask that you complete a Travel Questionnaire prior to your scheduled appointment. Click here for questionnaire.