Family Medicine & Pediatrics

Family Medicine

Family Medicine physicians specialize in caring for the physical, mental and emotional well-being of patients and their families. They know how a family’s health history and situations can affect their health and they are trained to care for patients through all stages of life. Being trained in all major medical areas, they can diagnose and treat the full range of problems that are encountered in everyday life. They know when to treat and when to bring in the proper specialist that can be trusted. They understand that YOU are a person and not just a collection of parts, symptoms or conditions and they take that notion very seriously.

Turnure Medical Group has physicians Board Certified in Family Medicine as well as double boarded in Internal and Pediatric Medicine. Therefore, our physicians are qualified to see patients of all ages- from the cradle to the grave so to speak. It is actually very common for parents and children to see the same physician which in turn brings a special bond to the doctor patient relationship. By seeing the entire family the physician can understand the entire family dynamics that play an important role in keeping families healthy both physically and emotionally.