Family Physicians Practice Today’s Medicine

What really is a Family Physician? Family Physicians learn and use the most up-to-date treatments and technologies. Unlike General Practitioners, Family Physicians are trained for three additional years in real practice settings treating children and adults in the office as well as in the hospital. Board Certified Family Physicians must re-certify more often than any other medical specialty. With this Continuing Medical Education, it means that Family Physicians are experts at applying the latest medical breakthroughs to the every day care of the patient, so patients benefit from state-of-the-art advancements as they become available.

Family Physicians are specialty trained in preventative medicine and believe that preventing a health problem is better than having to overcome one. They assist patients in making the right health choices, which helps keep their families both happier and healthier. Their role is to diagnose and treat the entire family.

Coronavirus Testing

Coronavirus testing center in Rocklin

As cases of the novel coronavirus continue to grow in Placer County, many residents are asking, “are there any COVID-19 testing centers near me?” Turnure Medical Group/Urgent Care offers both drive-up and in-office coronavirus testing, antibody testing and began offering COVID vaccination in April 2021.

Learn more about Coronavirus testing & vaccination here.

Family Medicine & Pediatrics

Family Medicine

Family Medicine physicians specialize in caring for the physical, mental and emotional well-being of patients and their families. They know how a family’s health history and situations can affect their health and they are trained to care for patients through all stages of life. Being trained in all major medical areas, they can diagnose and treat the full range of problems that are encountered in everyday life. They know when to treat and when to bring in the proper specialist that can be trusted. They understand that YOU are a person and not just a collection of parts, symptoms or conditions and they take that notion very seriously.

Turnure Medical Group has physicians Board Certified in Family Medicine as well as double boarded in Internal and Pediatric Medicine. Therefore, our physicians are qualified to see patients of all ages- from the cradle to the grave so to speak. It is actually very common for parents and children to see the same physician which in turn brings a special bond to the doctor patient relationship. By seeing the entire family the physician can understand the entire family dynamics that play an important role in keeping families healthy both physically and emotionally.

Neurologic Rehabilitation


neurology rocklin

Turnure Medical Group in Rocklin is dedicated to neurologic rehabilitation treatment for both children and adult survivors of strokes, traumatic brain injuries and cerebral palsy. Through the provision of individualized assessment, physical therapy and Botox® injections patients that were untreatable in years previous now have hope. We seek to assist our patients in attaining their maximum level of function and quality of life through education and foundational retraining in their physical function. If you or a loved one have suffered from these conditions please contact us to evaluate treatment.

Urgent Care

For acute illnesses and injuries we offer Urgent Care. Evenings as well as Saturday visits are available by appointment or on a walk-in basis. Some of the services available in Urgent Care are the following:

  • Laceration Repair (stitches)
  • Treatment of Broken/Fractured Bones-splinting & casting
  • Abrasions & Burns
  • EKG-chest pain
  • Nebulizer Breathing Treatments
  • Catheter Insertion & Removal
  • Ear infections
  • Cold/Flu
  • Foreign Body Removal
  • Sports & School Physicals/Certified for DMV physicals
  • Car accident Injuries
  • Lab Testing
  • Ultrasound

Urgent Care casting 300 dpi

Our Urgent Care staff is ACLS certified and our Urgent Care Physicians are Board Certified in Emergency Medicine. It’s like going to the ER without the high cost.

After being seen in the Urgent Care we will forward a medical record (with your permission) of your care to your Primary Care Physician for follow up.