Holly Dunn

Exercise Specialist & Health Coach

Holly has been focused on health and fitness for the past 25 years. She attended the University of Minnesota where she received her degree in Kinesiology -the study in this field covers the physiology, psychology and philosophy of sports and exercise. She is an ACE certified Health Coach and Therapeutic Exercise Specialist. Holly has a passion for helping others overcome challenges by helping them build healthy habits and balance into their increasingly stressful lives. As a working mother of young athletes herself, she understands the importance of creating the most effective and efficient routines to achieve fitness goals.

Having struggled with weight through adolescence, Holly brings a true understanding of the emotional pressure and frustration lifestyle change can bring. She also knows the rewards of maintaining a healthy weight and strives to bring that same joy to as many people as possible.

Holly is married to Kevin Dunn, an Business Consultant and former collegiate athlete. Together they are raising three of their own children and have adopted and raised two more. Holly enjoys running and being active with her family. They enjoy hiking, boating, snowboarding and most things that involve being outdoors near or in Lake Tahoe.